5 Myths About Gifting

5 Myths About Gifting

Gifting is an age-old tradition. It's a gesture of appreciation, love, and connection. Done right, gifting is a powerful tool to expressing gratitude, building connections and nurturing relationships. But several myths hinder the true potential of gifting, and I’m here to debunk each one of them and show you how to unlock the true potential of this timeless practice. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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MYTH #1 - It's going to be very expensive

One of *the* most common myths about gifting is the belief that to have an impact, it must come with a hefty price tag. However, the true essence of gifting lies not in the cost, but in the sentiment behind it. It’s the why, not the what. Whether it's a handmade-handwritten card, a thoughtful trinket, or a personalised gesture, the value of a gift is truly measured by the thought and care invested, not the dollars spent. In fact, simple yet heartfelt gifts often hold more significance than extravagant ones. In the world of corporate gifting, budget-friendly options abound, allowing businesses to express gratitude without breaking the bank.

MYTH #2 - It's too time consuming

Time is precious. Your to-do list only keeps growing. You’re busy. We get it. No really, we do. We get that the thought of scouring stores for the perfect gift or meticulously crafting a present from scratch can seem daunting. But Glow and Gifts is the solution that’s been revolutionising gifting since 2017. Our pre-curated gift boxes offer convenient, bespoke solutions that are ready to go. With just a few clicks, you can select a thoughtful gift, have a personalised and handwritten card added and have it delivered directly to your recipient's doorstep.

Glow and Gifts also offers a unique, private ordering portal for companies who gift on the regular. Whether you’re gifting new clients, onboarding team members, celebrating milestones within your company or simply want to boost office morale, the gifting portal is your one stop shop to streamline the gifting process and free up more of your valuable time for the essential ‘only-you-can-do-it’ tasks.

MYTH #3 -Gifting is seasonal 

Another huge myth we need to bust is that gifting is seasonal and only for ‘end-of-year’ or the holidays. While there is absolutely a surge in gifting activity around the holidays, the idea that gifting should be limited to the end of the year is a total misconception. The benefits of year-round gifting are undeniable. From building stronger relationships to enhancing brand loyalty, when done right, gifting holds enormous potential throughout the year. In the corporate world, spontaneous acts of appreciation can have a profound impact on employee morale and client relations. By embracing the idea of gifting beyond traditional seasons, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and cultivate lasting connections. Whether it be a gift to employees for a successful financial quarter or a celebratory campaign gift to clients, we've seen companies reap the rewards of gifting outside the festive season. New Year's gifts are another popular time to gift, with many wanting to start the new year off with positive energyRead more on why you should consider gifting in the new year

MYTH #4 -Gifting is impersonal in a corporate setting 

Gifting is inherently impersonal, merely a formality devoid of genuine sentiment. Or so some may say. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Thoughtful corporate gifts have the power to *humanise* business relationships, showing clients, partners, and employees that they are valued beyond their professional contributions. Simple, yet effective, personalised touches such as handwritten notes or custom gifts tailored to individual preferences, can transform a corporate gift into a meaningful expression of gratitude and appreciation. And leave a lasting impression on your gift recipient.

MYTH #5 -Gifting is only used to promote a company's brand

Say it with me: ‘branded merch is not a gift’

While promotional gifting does indeed play a role in brand awareness and marketing initiatives, its scope extends far beyond mere promotion. Corporate gifting serves as a whole vehicle for relationship-building, trust-building, and goodwill generation. Whether it's acknowledging a milestone achievement, expressing condolences during difficult times, or celebrating shared successes, corporate gifts are like the fast-lane on the highway to sincerity and strengthening connections. By shifting the focus from promotional agendas to genuine gestures of appreciation, businesses can build long-term loyalty and goodwill among stakeholders, both internal and external.

Again, ‘branded merch is not a gift’


Now that I’ve debunked the most 5 common gifting myths, and shown you just how powerful gifting can be for your business, discover the power of thoughtful gifting with our comprehensive range of corporate gifting packages. From custom gift boxes to *tactful* branded elements, we have all the options you need to leave a lasting impression on the most important people in your business. Enquire now and let us help you build genuine business relationships through thoughtful and practical gifting.


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*Updated 20/05/2024