5 Lessons I’ve Learnt in my 5 Years in Business

5 Lessons I’ve Learnt in my 5 Years in Business


After five amazing years (and some hella terrifying moments) running a business, I want to put my chief-gifting hat aside for a moment to share with you the 5 lessons I’ve learnt and 5 things I wish I was told when I first started my humble biz.

1. It’s a wild, heart-stopping roller coaster ride

Owning a business is, to put it politely, a heart-stopping, stomach churning roller coaster that throws you upside down and side to side when you least expect it. You hop off with wobbly legs but you’re filled with an overwhelming sense of achievement, adrenaline and excitement that you did it!

I promise you, it’s one heck of a ride that you become addicted to and you can’t wait to jump back on again, but there are moments where you’ll feel like the rollercoaster will 100% go off track.

So understand from the get-go that it’s going to be harder than you ever imagined, but every set-back, every win and every day in your business is so incredibly worth it and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

2. Outsource your non-zones of genius

I cannot stress this one enough: figure out every single *thing* that needs to be done for your business to operate from the beginning. Every task. Every system. Every action or process or step.

I know the beginning feels uber exciting, it’s all bright dazzling lights and you can’t wait to create and share your magic with the world! But being a business owner means you wear mannyyyyy hats - not just the creator of your products or services, but also the business CEO, product sourcer, bookkeeper, social media creator and scheduler, email marketer, sales person, and so many more.

All of these hats can feel overwhelming and suffocating, and if you’re constantly scrambling to get them done then they take you away from the magic of why you started your business in the first place.

My advice: figure out everything that needs to be done for your business to operate and then work out what you’re good at and enjoy doing. Whatever is left, outsource!

Don’t like numbers? Get a bookkeeper or accountant to take that stress away.

Don’t like manually posting and planning your social media? Maybe sign up to a social media scheduler that automatically posts for you.

Don’t like the never-ending emails? Hire a VA to manage your inbox and take that burden away.

You get my drift! Because drowning in all the biz back end things you don’t enjoy can be uber soul crushing and take you away from the business magic that you love!

3. Build your go-to power team

On the back end of numeros dos, build a team! Your go-to powerhouses that help turn your business and dream from panic-central to booming and amazing.

They don’t have to be people that work in your business on the daily, but those who can help turn your dream business into your new reality:

Your go-to branding or product photographer who knows how to make you or your products look drool-worthy.

Your go-to hair and make-up artist that can make you look magical.

Your go-to SOS friend who’s on speed dial when sh*t hits the fan (which will be a lot).

Find your people and build your team. It might sound cliche, but teamwork really does bring your dream to life.

4. Hell Yes Only

Business is full of A LOT of opportunities. But not all opportunities will make you feel good or allow your business to soar. As a human being, you only have a certain amount of time, energy and capacity for things, so don’t waste any of that on the things that won’t light you up or help you reach your business goals because they will only burn you out.

The mantra that has served me really well is: If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a no.

Umming and ahhing? It’s a no.

Thinking up a pros and cons list? It’s a no.

I promise, the things that are a HELL YES are the things that will truly bring you success and joy 🔥 

And if anyone ever asks you to justify your ‘No’, tell them to sod off. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone!

5. Most importantly: have FUN!

This is 100% the biggest lesson of them all!

The journey behind owning a business can be stressful AF, but it’s the most enjoyable, fun and rewarding journey you can go on. So don’t forget to stop, embrace all the fun moments and celebrate every single win. No matter how minuscule they may be, every single win is amazing and is something to be darn proud of!


While it's been a wild ride, I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm so excited for what's to come in the next 5 years and I'm so grateful you're coming along for this wild ride with me! 


B x