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Corporate Gift Boxes

corporate gift boxes

Gifting within businesses is about much more than handing over a present. It's everything from the decision to gift, to finding someone to help bring your ideas to life, trusting them with the follow-through, and having the gifts well received by the recipient.

With so many reasons to gift within a business - you may be wondering when the right time actually is. Whether you have a distinct reason to gift, or are choosing to 'just because' - there really is no wrong answer. Whether it be internal or external, here are some reasons our corporate clients have chosen to give a Glow and Gifts gift box:

  • Client & Employee appreciation gifts 
  • Vendor outreach gifts
  • Settlement gifts
  • Conference/Event Welcome/Thank you gifts
  • Client on-boarding gifts
  • Client milestone gifts
  • Membership welcome gifts
  • New product launch gifts
  • Team member on-boarding gifts
  • Christmas/End of year gifts

From the moment you decide to gift, we're here for you. We'll let you get back to what you do best while we take care of creating your beautiful gifts. We'll ensure your ideas come to life and that it's an exciting and memorable experience from start to end.

We’re there for you, so you can be there for them!

corporate client gifts

How it works

Get in touch! 
We'll get back to you within 1 business day to get the ball rolling! We'll chat about anything and everything you need to ensure your gifts are perfect. Ready to go? Click here!

The Proposal
We'll send you a custom corporate gift box design, along with all the nitty gritty details and work with you until it's exactly what you're after. 

Approval & Fulfilment
As soon as we have your approval and deposit, we'll get started on bringing your gifts to life. 

Whether your gifts are going to one destination or individually to their respective recipients, you name the place and we'll get it there - all across Australia. 

Surprise + Delight
Also known as, your time to shine! Your recipient receives the gift and you get all the credit!


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corporate gift boxes

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