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Purpose-led gifting that hits you in the feels

Curating gift boxes that speak volumes to help you say “thank you” with heart

It's gifting, done different.

Time is ticking, your to-do list is growing and yet again you’ve left gifting to the last minute. But you shouldn’t feel like this is a chore. You appreciate your team. You want to celebrate your clients. Now you’re uninspired and the guilt settles in.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our team knows exactly what gives your giftees the goosebumps of appreciation. We believe every gift should tell a story, evoke emotion, and create lasting memories. That's why we pour our hearts into curating unique and meaningful gifts that speak volumes about your brand *and* gives thanks in the way your giftees love to receive it.

Corporate gifts that speak volumes!

Create unforgettable moments

In a world filled with traditional gifts and predictable gestures, there's something truly extraordinary about the unexpected. It's the gift of appreciation, the gesture of gratitude, the act of giving back.

Let your business be the one that steps outside the box and truly makes a difference. Our team can help you discover unique ways to leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and communities.

We're the taco to your margarita if...

You value purpose-led gifting as much as we do.

Our clients understand that the true value of gifting isn’t in the gift itself, but is in the reason why they’re doing the gifting in the first place. We’re passionate about working with purpose-led businesses to create meaningful connections, drive impact, and make a difference in the world.

Our mission is to work with companies that share our values and truly want to make a positive change, not only for their stakeholders, but in their communities and beyond. Whether you're a social enterprise, a sustainable brand, or a nonprofit with a cause close to your heart, we're here to support your journey and help you amplify your impact.

So if you’re ready to shake those maracas and call us amigos let’s connect!

Hold my sombrero - let's chat!

The company that ignited our glow

Before this, corporate gifting had felt glamoured with ingenuity. Whether that’s because you receive a gift that looks like it’s been thrown together by the admin team or the stale plastic of yet another branded pen lands in your bottom drawer with the rest of them. It’s impersonal. Unauthentic. Blinded.

Until this moment.

Lorraine from GoodWe Australia contacted us after the company had reached a remarkable milestone, and instead of throwing a lavish party for themselves, they wanted to give back to the real heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic: the incredible frontline workers who had been there for us tirelessly over the previous 12 months. GoodWe Australia asked their clients to nominate a frontline worker to receive a special feel-good care package as a token of appreciation - because we all knew someone who was on the frontline.

The most heartwarming mission to curate the perfect gift boxes

GoodWe Australia understood the impact of purpose-led gifting. They knew that gifting has nothing to do with the gift itself, and everything to do with why they were gifting. 

We said goodbye to the conventional corporates and opened our doors to those who felt the glow!

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou




The power of gifting

Quality over quantity

It’s not about how many gifts you give or how much you spend, but the quality and thought behind them.

Purpose-led gifting focuses on including items that both resonate with your gift recipient and reflects your brand’s commitment to meaningful connections.

Tactful branding is key

Less is more. Subtlety is powerful when it comes to branding your gifts. Incorporate your brand’s identity in a way that enhances the gift without overshadowing its purpose. Consider using your brand colours and high-quality packaging to leave a lasting impression.

The Unboxing is Crucial

This moment sets the tone for the entire experience. From packaging to presentation to product, it all works as one to reflect the care and attention you put into curating the gift.

An Extension of Your Values

Your gifts should embody the values and mission of your company. Purpose-led gifting means thinking beyond the gift itself. It’s about creating lasting connections, it’s the why behind the gift, rather than the what that you’re gifting.

Enhance a Positive Culture

Gifts can enhance a positive culture, but they can't create it. Building a positive workplace culture requires ongoing effort, inclusivity, and recognition of your employees' contributions. Consider employee birthdays, milestone achievements, or 'just because'.

Mi casa, su casa

Glow and Gifts offers a unique, private ordering portal for companies who gift on the regular. It's your one-stop-shop to streamline the gifting process and free up more of your valuable time for the essential ‘only-you-can-do-it’ tasks.


An impression made to last:

Name: Elsa

Occupation: Business Mentor. Keynote Speaker. Podcast Host. Contributor to Forbes Australia.

The Mission: Curate an unbelievably high touch onboarding experience that makes her client’s feel the warm and fuzzies miles away.

find out if we accomplished the mission!

Feeling all the feels and ready to get started?

1. Complete enquiry form + book clarity call.
2. We’ll chat through your gifting ‘why’ and brainstorm ideas, and agree that we fit like a glove.
3. I’ll send you a project proposal + invoice.
4. Once you’ve signed off and paid your deposit, your products and packaging will be ordered and your gifting dreams are brought to life. Plus, EVERY gift gets a handwritten card included.
5. When your gifts are shipped and on their way to their lucky recipients, you’ll receive all tracking details.

--> I’ll also check in with you along the way, to keep you the loop throughout your gifting project.

I'm ready - let's do this!

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