Gifting in the New Year

You may think that corporate gifting is best saved for the typical "end-of-year" client and employee gifts, but I'm here to share why gifting year round - especially in the new year when everyone is coming back fresh from the festive season - can be just as (if not more) beneficial to your business, and have a positive impact on your brand!


1) You'll stand out from the crowd.

End of year gifts are greatly appreciated by clients and employees alike - you want to thank them for supporting you and for their hard work throughout the year, and they want to know that you appreciate them. But it can also be quite overwhelming with *so* many gifts going around. By gifting in the New Year, your brand will be unique and stand out - and your business will be top of mind when your clients need your products and/or services to start the year.


2) It will be a *very* welcomed surprise as everyone has just returned to work.

The festive season has passed and no one is thinking about the possibility of receiving a gift - your employees and clients have just come back to work from a few weeks off, maybe they even have some post holiday blues. Either way, receiving a gift in the New Year will be a welcomed surprise.


3) They don't need to be Christmas-sy.

End of year gifts usually have a festive, Christmas vibe about them (not a bad thing at all - especially if you love Christmas like I do!) however, gifting in the new year can encourage a fresh start, setting new goals to go above and beyond for the year ahead, and the products included in your gift can represent exactly that. No red and green theme, no Christmas themed products, just beautiful items that speak to your brand and the message you want to send to your clients and employees.


corporate gifts 

Thinking of sending out New Years gifts?

Here are 3 ideas to include in a new year gift box


1. 2021 Planner

We love the gorgeous Muse Roses 2021 Planner by Fox and Fallow which has been designed to be beautiful and long-lasting. With holidays & observances for Australia, USA, Canada, UK & New Zealand, enjoy 200 pages of functionality and a one week per spread and monthly spreads at the beginning of each section. Gold foil stamped printed linen cover with waterproof coating for year-long protection. Two rose and dusty rose grosgrain ribbons.

Fox and Fallow 2021 Planner


2. Coffee!

Because they're going to need a kick-start after that time off! So, if coffee is their thing, be sure to gift them a delicious blend (or single origin!). 

Our favourite is this divine medium roast blend by Byron Bay Coffee Co. With a flavour profile featuring a complex blend boasting a full body along with vibrant acidity, flavours of rich chocolate and berries. With origins including Colombian RFA Organic, Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala & Java. The Nero coffee beans make a superb black and a rich and full flavoured milk coffee.

Nero Coffee Beans Byron Bay Coffee Co

3. Affirmation Cards

Inspire your gift recipient with some gorgeous feel-good affirmation cards. 

We love the beautiful card range by Insite Mind, featuring 52 unique statements, reminding you daily that your mind is your biggest asset. They've included a beautifully crafted stand so you can display your affirmations around the home or on your desk, you can even add them to your diary or vision board. 

Oh Happy Affirmation Day Cards