Self Care Ideas to Ring in 2024!

Self Care Ideas to Ring in 2024!

Are you feeling flat after the holiday festivities? Then you’ve landed on the right page.


While the holiday festivities can be a joyous time, they can be utterly exhausting. Who wouldn’t be wrecked after competing in the shopping centre parking wars, waiting in the check-out line at Kmart that would rival the most popular ride in Disneyland, forcing your introverted self to juggle multiple social outings in one month, find time to prepare that once-a-year special salad in time for your family lunch, AND be forced to stay up past midnight.

It may have been covered in tinsel, but you received a one way ticket to exhaustion that was non-refundable. I know, so rude!

Now that the holiday frenzy is behind us, it's time to shift the focus back to YOU! Let's hit the reset button and slide into a journey of self-care that goes beyond the tinsel-covered chaos. I've got my top 5 self-care tips to kickstart your new year on the right note, and I'm sharing them with you here!

1. Book In a Date Night Just For Yourself

Time alone to relax? What is this fantasy I speak of!?

Giving yourself the gift of time alone, and, more importantly, time alone to relax and be pampered, will be a gift you’ll never forget or regret. The introverted part of you will absolutely love you for it.

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular like an entire day booked at the spa (but girl, if you can, then, heck yes!), simply scheduling a date night for yourself - distraction and interruption free - will be such wholesome nourishment for your body, mind and soul.

Tell your partner, human or fur children, and your nosy neighbour Sue, that you want a solid hour (or three) to yourself. All concerns can wait while you go mermaiding in the ocean watching the sunset (how good is Summer?!), take yourself to dinner, or soak in the bath with one of our Mimosa Botanicals Bath Soaks with your favourite bevvie in hand.

P.S. Don’t just *think* about it, schedule and book it in! Then it’s guaranteed to happen.

2. Book In a Date Night With Someone Special

If alone time isn’t your idea of a good time, then schedule a date night with someone special. Round up your partner or favourite gal pal and both block out time in your calendar to spend some nourishing and *quality* time together.

(Hint hint, nudge nudge: Galentine's day is coming up on February 13th - the perfect day to book a recharging gal pal date!)

Whether it's going out for a delicious meal at a local restaurant, or cuddling up on the couch watching your favourite re-run on Netflix, you can have the most wholesome time sipping a cup of delicious Classic Dark Hot Chocolate by Cuvee Chocolate, and use the insightful and sometimes funny Oh Happy Date Cards by Insite Mind to get to know each other on a deeper level.

3. Make Your Mornings All About Heavenly Bliss

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. If your morning is now in disarray post-festivities, focus on making your mornings all about motivational bliss again. Swap out the rushing around, the skipped breakfast, and the forgotten coffee that leaves you feeling highly strung, drained and stressed, with a morning that is heavenly, slow and purposeful.

What would make your morning feel amazing?

Moving your body with a morning walk by the beach or in your local park?

Perhaps it's eating your breakfast in the sunshine while you sip on a piping hot Nero Coffee Beans by Byron Bay Coffee Co (no lukewarm, almost cold coffee here!)?

Maybe it's mindfully spending your morning journaling in our Totem Pocket Notebook by Fox & Fallow, outlining what you need to do for the day, how you’re feeling and listing the 3 things you’re most grateful for on this beautiful morning.

Whatever you choose, it'll leave your morning feeling inspired, motivated and set to conquer the day, rather than a frazzled mess!

4. Re-Focus On Your Goals For 2024

If you’re feeling flat, lost and scatty for the start of 2024, then I have the perfect self-care activity for you. While the term *goals* can be bor-ing, they actually hold the most magical kind of self-care - just hear me out!

Goals are the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year that was, and focus on what will bring you the ultimate happiness in the (near) future. They can help you get out of the funk of same-same mundane life, and instead give you fresh direction on what will bring you the most excitement and joy. So, start 2024 with a mind reframe and think of some magical goals that will give you direction, motivation and excitement to make this year your best year yet.

My favourite way to do this is sitting down with a hot cuppa, and a set of the Get Focused Goal Cards by Insite Mind and writing in the funky Totem Pocket Notebook by Fox & Fallow. Once I get in the zone, there's no stopping me!

5. Cocktail (or Mocktail) Making With The Gals

If hot, Summer afternoons, lounging by the pool with your gal pals, cackling over embarrassing festive stories, having a tasty cocktail or mocktail competition (we’re always upping the pizazz with our secret weapon: the Fizz Sherbet cocktail garnish and sherbet), or watching a chick flick with a drool-worthy stud in it. Sign me up!

With Galentine's Day right around the corner on February 13th, you’ll bet your bottom dollar that me and my gals are all set to get creative with the cocktails and mocktails and I’m here to sprinkle some Fizz Sherbet magic to keep the Crown this year!


The festive season can get the best of all of us, and after such a busy time of year, prioritising self-care and filling up your cup with whatever it is that you need most right now, I'm here for it. Say goodbye to feeling flat for 2024 and say hello to conquering the year ahead!


Yours in gifts and stories,
Bianca ✨
Chief Gifter, curator of rad networking events & self-care enthusiast.