Corporate Gifting: 3 reasons you should get in early + how to make your gifts stand out!

Corporate Gifting: 3 reasons you should get in early + how to make your gifts stand out!

Christmas and the end of the year is nearly here. (Where the heck did 2022 run off to?!) That means the gifting season will be upon us before we know it.

Before you roll your eyes and tell me “Cool ya jets, it’s only November”, I want you to sit your plonker back down and listen up. Because I’m about to make your life and company a zillion times better off.

Giving gifts for Christmas or the end of the year to employees or clients isn’t as simple as giving Karen a bottle of wine, giving yourself a pat on the back and saying job well done.

Sorry to burst your gift-giving bubble, but retract that pat and get ready to bubble-wrap your heart because Karen’s about to dub you a cliche gift-giver. Ouch! Someone who felt they had to give *something* for the end of the year. She likely placed a bet that she’d receive either chocolate or wine. Bazinga - she got wine!

Being a cliche gift-giver means three things: they’re not going to think twice about you, it won’t foster any long-term relationships and, heaven forbid, she’ll likely think “I’m not that important, I bet everyone got wine” - eek.


So here are three reasons why you should put on your gift-giver hat and gift early, and how to make them stand out (aka. Make Karen think “OH EM GEE, you’re amazing”, not “Ugh, lame”).

1. Be remembered

December is chokers with gifts. From colleagues, friends, family, the dog. So if you join the pack and give your gift smack at Christmas, there’s a fat chance you’ll be forgotten 5 minutes later or they won’t remember who they got the gift from!

Giving a gift early, when employees and clients are least expecting it, makes you stand out and they’ll appreciate it even more…rather than receiving a gift they expected to receive at Christmas. Greedy, but we’re all thinking it!

So gifting early will shine the brightest, most wonderfully sparkly light back on you and you’ll avoid getting lost in the sea of same same gifts.

2. Foster relationships

When you become a gift-giver, it has so many more perks than just feeling like Santa. Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially when they’re unexpected! So when you give a gift before the Christmas rush, your employees, colleagues or clients will be tickled pink, feel uber valued and their level of appreciation for you will go up 10 fold.

Giving gifts which stand out, pack a WOW factor, and make them feel valued is a fabulous way to foster relationships with potential clients and improve customer and client retention - meaning an even more prosperous new year for you!

3. Avoid the gifting scramble

Have you tried shopping two weeks before Christmas for gifts? It’s a gift-givers worst nightmare. The panic buying, the sold-out perfect gifts, the parking. It’s why every year you tell yourself you’ll be organised and buy all your gifts ahead of time. I’m just here to remind you!

Beat the overwhelm that is last minute gift-shopping and avoid looking like a total awkward turtle who bought a gift last minute because they forgot. 

So put your gift-giving hat on and gift your gifts early - it won’t just make you feel calm and organised AF, but your gift-receivers will gaze at you with bucketfuls of appreciation and fondness.

Now that you’re giving a gift early enough to stand out, let’s make sure you stand out for the right reasons!

To give a gift that packs the WOW factor, it’s best to avoid being a cliche-gift giver and ditch the standard booze or box of Lindt chocolate at the end of the year. They’re going to receive tonnes of them!


My expert-gifting opinion? Give a gift that has a personalised touch and leaves a memorable note. Not just branded corporate gifts (remember it’s a no-go) - something a little more subtle. A beautiful or tasty smelling candle that will remind them of you each time they smell it weeks and months later. Mouth-watering and delicious coffee, cocoa or tea that causes you to spring to mind with each sip. Uplifting affirmation cards that fill them with overflowing joy and subconsciously they remember receiving from you.


Gifting these memorable gifts in a way that looks beautiful and so thought out will go the extra mile! Compare receiving a candle simply wrapped in stock-standard wrapping paper vs opening it in a beautiful box. Same gift, but suddenly the WOW thoughtful factor comes in.

We may be a little bias, but the feedback from our happy clients says gift boxes are always a total hit!


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