Luxe, stunning and high end onboarding gift boxes

Luxe, stunning and high end onboarding gift boxes

In her glowing review, Elsa expressed her delight with our services, stating, "OMG I've just started using Glow & Gifts for my client gifting and the feedback from my clients has been next level! 'Luxe, stunning and high end'. I am thrilled with the results and Bianca has made the process of 'surprise and delight' for my customer journey flawless and exciting!"

Meet Elsa 

Mentor. Speaker. Podcast Host. Contributor to Forbes Australia

And [epic] gift giver 🎁

My gal Amy from MyAid Consulting linked me up with Elsa 2022 and working with her was like a dream meets an ass-kicking [in the best way possible].


One of my favourite things about Elsa is just how much she loves on her clients, at multiple touch points throughout their journey with her. From onboarding gifts by yours truly, to her mentor group photoshoot days to dinners at Nobu. The woman knows how to take care of her clients ✨

Not many as are brave and bold as Queen Elsa herself. 

Elsa and I have been working together on her onboarding gifts for just about 18 months now, and here’s the thing:

🚨 The gifts have ZERO of her visual branding [logo, colours etc]. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

🤝🏼 The notes that accompany the gifts have ALL the on-brand verbiage you would expect from Elsa [IYKYK] 🙊

What can you learn from this?

👉🏼 Make it about THEM [your client], not YOU [sorry, not sorry].

Be like Elsa 👏🏼

By incorporating thoughtful and high-quality gifts into your client experience, you can elevate your brand, strengthen relationships, and create moments of joy and delight that leave a lasting impression.

So, are you ready to take your client experience to the next level with good gifting? Let's chat! Fill out our corporate gifting enquiry form to explore how our corporate gifting services can knock the socks off your clients. 

Purpose-led gifting. We’re there for you, so you can be there for them.


Yours in gifts and stories,
Bianca ✨
Chief gifter & supporter of epic client experiences 🎁