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Glow and Gifts is on a mission to revolutionise the way you think about gifting.

The glow in Glow and Gifts

Imagine this… the doorbell rings, your eyebrows knit together as you wonder who it could be. Your Amazon order doesn’t come until tomorrow and you’re not expecting anybody. You make your way to the door, to the postie who says, “Are you (insert your name)?”... you look at what’s been handed to you, “Have a nice day.” You nod in response and go back inside. Curious, you go to open it, something starts to bubble inside - are those butterflies? The feeling of absolute warmth and sunshine fills you from head to toe as you cast your eyes over the most gorgeous gift box filled with products that speak to your soul. How did they know?! And in that moment, you feel seen, heard, and understood…and incredibly appreciative at this unexpected but delightful thought that someone was looking out for you.

Now that… that is what we call the glow. THAT is why gifting isn’t about the gift, it’s about the reason behind it that propels meaning into every facet of that stunningly curated gift box!

Thoughtful gifting is what we do. Shining a light on the positive impact gifting can have on the most important people in your life - both personal and business. Authenticity, empathy, intentionality. That's the Glow and Gifts difference.

We're more than just a gifting company.

We're about making an impact.

Every gift we curate is designed to make a difference - whether it's spreading smiles, building connections, or supporting causes close to our hearts. With each gift box, we aim to leave a lasting impact on both the gifter and the gift recipient.

Our gifts aren't just boxes of random products; they're carefully curated, thoughtful and intentional. We believe that gifting should be a delightful experience from start to finish - going beyond the packaging and bespoke products, our ultimate goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of the people around us.

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The one gift box that started it all

When goodbye was too hard to say, I showed it instead…

I’ve always had a knack for gifting. Ask any of my friends and I know they’ll say I’m a great gifter. None of this ‘re-gifting’ or ‘ends-up-at-the-back-of-the-top-drawer’ nonsense. Just real good gifts that are thoughtful, personal, and practical. 

It was in 2016 one of my closest friends was going overseas indefinitely and I didn’t know how to say “goodbye, I’ll miss you, and have the best time ever”... and nothing I could find was what I thought was a good enough goodbye present. So when the thing didn’t exist, I went and created it. I went shopping and bought a bunch of things that I knew she would love and that were personal to her. My friend's name was Sarah, so I got her a water bottle with the letter S on it, I got her sunscreen because she was going to Europe in the summer and I didn’t want her to get sunburnt, I got her snacks for the plane, I got a power bank, a book to read… you get the idea... 

But when I got home and I had everything laid out on the table, I knew that as good as it was, I could do better... And so I went to Officeworks and got a stack of post-it notes and I wrote on the post-it notes, WHY I got each thing.

Every piece was carefully curated, every item had a story and was intentionally chosen for her.

That’s the gifting I wanted to see spread far and wide.

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Meet Bianca [it's me, hi 👋🏼].
Here's my wrap sheet!

🐝 The {vibrant} soul behind Glow and Gifts but mostly, I go by ‘B’.

✈️ Travel is my jam - near or far, I’m always up for an adventure!

📚 I loveee a good book. Usually business or self-development, but I enjoy the occasional biography. I recently read ‘Of gold & dust’ by Samantha Wills, and can confirm it was a fab read.

☕️ I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 27 and I’m convinced I’m making up for it now. My caffeine consumption is outrageous. And currently, you’ll find me with an almond piccolo with 1 sugar.

💧 I don’t leave home without my water bottle, ever. Call me a walking hydration station.

✨ In 2023 I started a networking business for small business owners to help bridge the gap to getting social in small biz life, and ignite meaningful conversations, inspiration & collaboration. Social Spark Events has been a game-changer for me and so many other incredible business owners.

gift boxes set as a welcome gift on a table

I'll die on this hill; branded merch is not a gift!

Here’s the hard truth: no one, I repeat, no one, loves your business as much as you do.

Not even your aunt Sharon wants a pen branded with your logo all over it. And she certainly doesn’t want a mug with your logo on it; one that we all know will end up at the back of her cupboard because she doesn’t have the heart to throw it out, but also doesn’t want to serve her guests a coffee in it, and she knows she can’t do the dreaded re-gift of it.

Touches of branding play a key role here - you don’t want to be gifting all-branded-everything to the people you want to impress the most. Nothing screams “unthoughtful” more. The key is to strike a balance between making your brand known and letting the gift shine on its merit. Your branding should enhance the experience, not overpower it.

By shifting the focus from promotional agendas to genuine gestures of appreciation, you’ll build long-term loyalty and goodwill among the most important people in your business.

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The best recipe for gifting success


The cornerstone of meaningful connections. It shines through in every aspect of your brand - from your messaging to your actions, and creating a genuine connection with your most important people in your business. By staying true to what your brand stands for, you’ll naturally attract clients and customers who resonate with your values.


By understanding your gift recipient's needs and desires, you can tailor your approach to resonate with them on a deeper level, beyond the contents of the gift. Communicate your values in a way that feels personal and relatable, building trust and loyalty in the process.


It's about being deliberate in the decision-making process and ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive impression. By infusing intentionality into everything you do, you can create meaningful gifting experiences that reflect your values and leave a lasting impression on the ones you want to impact most.

Understanding your clients isn't just a skill - it's our superpower. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with your clients on a deeper level, understanding their needs, preferences, and desires like no one else can [in a not creepy way]. And we know what makes them tick. If you're ready to align with a gifting partner who shares your values and vision, let's connect.

Are we vibing? Great! Let's get started!

1. Complete enquiry form + book clarity call.

2. We’ll chat through your gifting ‘why’ and brainstorm ideas, and agree that we fit like a glove.

3. I’ll send you a project proposal + invoice.

4. Once you’ve signed off and paid your deposit, your products and packaging will be ordered and your gifting dreams are brought to life. Plus, EVERY gift gets a handwritten card included.

5. When your gifts are shipped and on their way to their lucky recipients, you’ll receive all tracking details.

Plus, I’ll also check in with you along the way, to keep you the loop throughout your gifting project.

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Glow and Gifts specialises in curating thoughtful gifts that leave a lasting impression. From custom gift boxes to *tactful* branded swag, we've got you covered. Plus, we're dedicated to making the gifting process seamless and stress-free, so you can focus on what you do best, while we handle all things gifting.

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