Benefits of a personalised and handwritten note

From a lengthy heartfelt letter to a loved one to a short and sweet birthday message on a card, handwritten notes are a small, yet personal, touch that make a big impact. When it's time to add a note to the card that accompanies your gift box, we'll handwrite your message, every time. We've written everything from sweet and simple notes, to reminiscent stories down memory lane and it's so heartwarming for us to be part of your gifting experience.

Handwritten note cards


Our corporate clients don't get left behind here either! In a time when more of us are working from home than ever before, sometimes you can feel like you've lost that personal connection - especially when you're jumping from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting! Whether you're adding the note to a gift, or are simply sending some handwritten appreciation, your employees will feel genuinely acknowledged when they see they've been personally addressed and haven't received a generic card that went to everyone else from the office as well! So next time you remember an employees birthday or a milestone in their life, are thanking them for a job well done or treating them to an end of year gift, with a personalised card they are sure to feel appreciated. 

Now don't forget your clients! Handwritten note cards aren't just for your employees. Add them to your next client gifts to show your generosity and appreciation for their support and continued work with you. Along with personalising a card, a gift or token of appreciation can go a long way in building and maintaining your client relationships.

Handwritten Notes


Handwritten notes make the biggest difference when you're on the receiving end of a gift. Sure, the notes could be printed straight onto the card, or event printed and then stuck onto the card. But here at Glow and Gifts, we put the personal into gifting and we'll go the extra mile for you and your gift recipient. 

Every note. Every message. Handwritten. Every time.