3 Myths About Gifting

You've probably had at least one, if not all, of the gifting myths below cross your mind, but gifting can (and should!) be a fun and memorable experience for both the gifter and the recipient. It doesn't need to be another thing you dread when the next birthday rolls around, or at the end-of-year office Kris Kringle, or feel like crazy project management when you're sending out gifts to all of your employees and clients.

Ready to myth-bust with us? Let's go!

MYTH #1 - It's going to be very expensive

The number one hesitation to gift, especially in large quantities, is that it is going to be outrageously expensive for little return. But whether you're treating someone to a once-a-year birthday gift, or are using gifting as part of your marketing strategy in your business, it absolutely does not need to be expensive. Think personal, rather than extravagant

MYTH #2 - It's too time consuming

You think gifting can be a tedious and fickle task and that you don't have the time to arrange a gift, so it goes tot he back of your mind - especially when the person you're gifting is the person that "has everything and needs nothing". I get it - you don't want or need any added stress when you're already knee deep in your day-to-day, but gifting doesn't need to be a stressful or time consuming task.

A pre-curated gift box is a fantastic option to just 'click and send' (Really! Just add the gift box to the cart, make the purchase and we do the rest!). For companies and businesses that are looking to incorporate gifting into their business, having a clear strategy is the first step to saving time - outsourcing to the experts is another great time saver! ;)

MYTH #3 -Gifting is seasonal 

Contrary to popular belief, gifting is not seasonal. Of course, end-of-year and holiday gifting will always be a peak time to give gifts, but there are so many benefits to gifting year-round that are well worth a mention. With more and more people looking to gift in the 'off-season', gifting throughout the year has proven to be successful for businesses and companies looking to stand out from the crowd.

Whether it be a gift to employees for a successful financial quarter or a celebratory campaign gift to clients, we've seen companies reap the rewards of gifting outside the festive season. New Year's gifts are another popular time to gift, with many wanting to start the new year off with positive energy. Read more on why you should consider gifting in the new year

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Have you heard any other gifting myths that have stopped you from gifting?