Why Gifting in the New Year is Uber Important

Why Gifting in the New Year is Uber Important


Think the corporate gifting season is done and dusted because it’s January? Think again, my friend!

The typical “end-of-year” client and employee gifts can be important, but aren’t classified as the bees knees for prime gifting time. There are very important reasons to gift all year round, especially gifting in the new year when everyone is back fresh from the festive season.

If these are uber important to you:

- Nourishing your relationship with your clients/employees
- Nurturing long term business sustainability and growth
- Improving $$$ flow with happy clients and employees

    Then read on, you gifting superstar!

    1. Stand Out From the Crowd

    Ask yourself these questions: Do you remember every single gift you were given in December and from whom? Did you get lost in a sea of gifts given during the festive season?

    End of year gifts are greatly appreciated by clients and employees alike, they love the warm fuzzies they get when you thank them for their support and hard work throughout the year. But, your special gift can be lost in the sea of endless gifts thrown at them in December and the moment of gratitude they feel for you can be lost in a minute. I mean, was that beautiful smelling candle from their boss, their gushing client or from Aunt Sue?! The festive season can be overwhelming with so many gifts going around and it’s the most likely time that your gift will be forgotten. Ouch!

    Gifting in the new year solves 3 problems:

    1. Your gift of appreciation and thanks will be unique, feel authentic rather than expected, and not forgotten
    2. You’ll tickle them pink with a gift they never expected
    3. You’ll be front and center in their mind when they start to think about what product or services they need for the new year

      2. Surprise Them With a Gift They Never Expected

      Are you expecting a gift in January? No*. Would you be tickled pink by the unexpected gift? 100% yes!

      (*January babies, I see you being cheeky there saying “yes”! Let me throw this at you instead: Would you expect to receive a gift in March?)

      The festive season is long gone, and with it the expectation and anticipation of receiving a gift. So imagine how they’ll feel to unexpectedly receive a gift, just after coming back into the daily grind after two weeks off (and trying to shake the post holiday blues)!

      You know the answer: absolutely tickled pink with delight.

      3. Brand-y Rather Than Christmas-y

      End of year gifts typically have a festive, Christmas vibe to them and with that comes the Christmas-y products and usual red, green and gold theme. The problem is, everyone else is also using that theme so you won’t stand out, and it likely doesn’t match your branding so there’s a higher chance you’ll be forgotten.

      Gifting in the new year, or any other time of the year, opens up endless magical possibilities. You can choose colours that match your branding (without having to use branded merch to be remembered!) and choose gifts that convey the message you want to share. Gifts that say fresh starts and new goals for the new year? Or even goal and plan setting gifts that they can use all year long? You betcha!

      Gifts in the new year still showcase your appreciation for their support and work from the past year, but also give you a higher chance of being remembered even as the months zoom by.

      Need Ideas of What to Gift This New Years?

      Here are 3 of the most popular ideas to include in your new years gift box: 

      Goal Setting Cards

      We’d be lost without our goals (aka. The daily baby steps needed to reach our dreams) but they’re easily forgotten and discarded. So, my favourite way to be clear about what my goals are is to have them written down and visible every single day.

      Without a doubt, the Get Focused Goal Cards by Insite Mind are a big winner every new year. These Goal Cards help to keep you motivated and on track for both short, long and the itty bitty goals you have and in a handy cute size with a magnet so you can display them anywhere. No more forgetting the baby steps needed to reach your dreams.

      Goal Setting Cards Gift Box

      Mouth Watering Coffee

      Who doesn’t need a kickstart to get back into the grind after all that time off? If coffee is their thing, be sure to gift them a delicious blend (or single origin!). 

      Our favourite is this divine medium roast blend by Byron Bay Coffee Co. This coffee beauty features a complex blend to tantalize your taste buds and combines the heavenly combo of rich chocolate, berries and vibrant acidity.

      With origins from Colombian, Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala and Java, this coffee will be sure to impress everyone in the workplace. The Nero coffee beans make a superb black and a rich and full flavoured milk coffee. We promise - you and your giftee will be drooling at the mouth!

       Australian Coffee Enthusiast Gift Box

      Affirmation Cards

      Surrounding yourself with good thoughts is guaranteed to produce magical results. Which is why we love the beautiful Oh Happy Day Cards by Insite Mind for the new year (or any day!). They include 52 unique statements which inspire you each day, help shift your thinking towards positive possibilities and infuse your mind with joy. You’ll be helping to make everyday a good day for your giftee, with the perk of them thinking of you each time they see the cards. Double whammy!

      Affirmation Cards Gift Box Delivered

      If you’re kicking yourself because you forgot to give a gift at the end of 2022, or one of your goals is to nurture your relationships, stand out from the crowd and boost long-term profitability for 2023, then jumping on the new year gifting bandwagon will be a gamechanger for your business this year (and every year after that).

      Happy gifting, you biz whiz!