Our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide - How we make getting a gift box delivered NOT boring!

Our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide - How we make getting a gift box delivered NOT boring!

The Christmas trees are up, the lights are twinkling and you’re already drooling in anticipation for that delicious Christmas feast. The only thing left are the Christmas presents…

But what the fridge do you get Aunt Shirley? Your fussy sister? Or your father in law who already has everything!?

If your mind is coming up with crickets, then have no fear because your Chief Gifter is here!

I’ve got your back with an epic Christmas Gift Guide that includes suggestions for every member on your gifting list. Yes, even your fussy sister will be tickled pink with delight. We promise, we make getting a gift box delivered 100% NOT boring!

The Christmas Lover

You know the one - their house is covered in Christmas cheer, they smell like gingerbread cookies and they’ll be the first to remind you that Christmas is right around the corner. Christmas is their absolute favourite time of the year so gifting them something that includes the cheer of Christmas is guaranteed to give them the warm fuzzies every time.

What hits the spot every year with our beloved Christmas Lovers is our uniquely tailored Christmas gift boxes. They’re the perfect mix of subtle Christmas cheer (don’t fret, we’re VIP members of the tacky-free club) and delectable gifts, candles and treats that will label you Top Gifter of the Year.

Our top sellers are The Candy Cane and The Gingerbread with the smells and tastes that will remind them of their happiest time of the year all the way into June.

Those with Luxurious Taste

Got someone on your gifting list who oozes luxury? Dressed in high end brands - tick. The most stylish and impeccable home - tick. You’re clueless what to get them - tick tick tick.

They can be super tricky to buy for, but I’ve got a few suggestions that have always ended with rave reviews, no matter how refined and upper class their taste buds are.

For those who dub themselves a spirit connoisseur, The Whiskey Note will guarantee you a spot in their good books. With 9 granite whiskey stones that will skyrocket the luxury level of any beverage they like to sip on, a delicious vanilla bourbon candle, an impeccably fancy pocket-sized notebook labeled and bound with gold foil, and a gold pen to top it off…they’ll believe your taste is as exquisite as theirs!

Or for those who have refined taste, the ones who wouldn’t dare drink instant coffee or be caught dead with a tacky mug, curating a one-of-a-kind gift box just for them is the way to go. A DIY gift box suggestion that is always a hit:

The One Who Deserves to be Pampered

Buying a gift for someone who loves to be or deserves a bit of glorious pampering in their life? That overworked friend, the exhausted sibling or the mum who puts everyone before herself? Ditch the one-off massage voucher and go for something that will give them the gift of pampering many times over - all from the comfort of their own home!

The Home Day Spa will give them the ultimate spa experience, dial their stress levels down to a minimum and turn them into a gooey puddle of nourished bliss.

Or curate a one-of-a-kind gift box where you can pick and choose all the delectable treats that will pamper your giftee the most:

The Brunch Fanatic

If you’ve got someone on your gifting list who’s a brunch fanatic, then The Sunrise, The Long Weekend, or The Christmas Morning gift boxes are the way to their heart (and stomach).

These gift boxes will tickle them pink with the drool-worthy Blueberry and Buttermilk Pancake Mix and a selection of mugs, delicious coffee, teas and treats which will show them you know what they like, they’ll have a hoot making and will get their taste buds salivating.

The One Who Loves a Fun Celebratory Drink // The Fun Drinker

Have a giftee that loves to celebrate with a glass of champers or gets creative in the kitchen with cocktails? Then this is for them!

The Santa gift box is the ultimate combo for that special someone who loves a bit of fun, luxury and Christmas cheer. They’ll be raving about your gift giving skills while they’re sipping on the tasty Lanson Champagne in their lush gold based stemless champagne flutes, doing their 70 piece Piñata Puzzle and drooling over their collection of gingerbread treats and candles.

Or for the cocktail connoisseur, let them create Insta-worthy cocktail drinks by gifting a bottle of their favourite alcohol or alcohol-free spirit and combine with peach, lime or bubblebum sherbet and cocktail garnish from the Fizz Sherbet range and top with a delicious Strawberry Champagne candle.

The Eco Warrior

For the eco warrior on your gifting list, these gifts never go astray and have the big tick for being environmentally friendly:

  • The Reusable Produce Bags - you can never have too many produce bags to hold anything from fresh apples, potatoes or even chocolate coated pretzels from the self-serve stand
  • Reusable Utensil Set - so they can protect the environment by ditching not only the plastic utensils, but the biodegradable ones too, and bring their own utensil kit along to the markets and food trucks
  • FRESSKO Coffee Cup - the stylish, lightweight, spill-proof, scratch-resistant and insulated stainless steel reusable coffee cup means they’ll never have to get a one-use takeaway coffee cup again or an ever growing stash of leaky keep cups

No matter the giftee on your gifting list, we’ve got you covered this Christmas with our pre-curated gift boxes, or create your own uniquely curated gift box and pick and choose all the items and treats that your giftee will love!

You can now spend less time worrying about what to get them, and more time wiping the drool off your mouth in anticipation for the delicious Christmas feast.