Create Your Own Gift Box!

Create Your Own Gift Box!

You’re on the hunt for a very special gift box. A gift box that you know your giftee will gush over every single item inside. A very unique gift box that is perfect for them and will title you the gifting Queen. Problem is, you can’t find it anywhere.

All the pre-curated gift boxes are just shy of missing the mark. No doubt you’re about to give up and settle with a pre-curated box that’s nice but not WOW, and might leave your giftee questioning why you chose this box with an item or two they’ll never use.

Well, hold your horses there Sally, for I have a tasty treat just for you!

Introducing our new and improved and fabulously fun: Create Your Own Gift Boxes!

The perfect solution when you’ve got something special in mind and the pre-curated gifts just aren’t tickling your pickle.

Create Your Own Gift Box: Star Highlights

Not yet convinced? Allow me to rave about my favourite features:

#1. Hand pick every single item you want included

Want to avoid the one item in the pre-curated gift box you know your giftee won’t dig?

Want to curate a gift box that tells a personalised and specific story for your giftee?

Want to say you curated it just for them and get them loving you 10x more?

Yes please!

#2. Tailor it so every item is perfect for your giftee

If you have a friend who likes a little bit of everything or an uber fussy Aunt who’s the devil to buy for, then look no further. You can tailor a gift box that your giftee will absolutely adore and will even have your fussy Aunt singing your praises.

#3. Choose a personalised card and message

No generic gift box cards here. You can choose from a range of cards - Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thank You, Congrats and even a Just Because. Even better, you can choose what you want your personalised message to say and we’ll hand write it onto your card and ship it directly to them. Personalised gift from you, without you having to leave your seat!

#4. Fit your budget

No more getting stuck with a limited range of pre-curated gift boxes that are under your budget but don’t light you up. Now you can choose every single item in your gift box and fit it to whatever budget will keep your bank account happy.

#5. Ship to multiple addresses

Curated a special gift box (or different gift boxes) for a bunch of people? No sweat! You can tick the box to ship to multiple addresses, pop the addresses in and write each addressee’s personalised card message and hit send. You’ll be the gifting Queen all before lunch.

How to Order Your DIY Gift Box

The ordering process couldn’t be any easier.

1. Go to ‘Create Your Own’ on the top menu bar or click here to start creating.

2. Select your items. Peruse the collection of items available and add the ones you want into your very own unique gift box. As you click ‘Add To Box’, your items will appear in your box contents at the top of the page so you know every single item currently in your gift box. You can then add extra or remove to your heart's content. We recommend between 4 to 6 items to fit in your gift box beautifully. 

3. Select your card. Once you hit next, you’ll get to choose from a range of cards.

4. Write on the card. Hit next and write a personalised message that we’ll hand write into your card. Or choose to leave the card blank and we’ll ship the gift box to you and with the card outside of the gift so you can write the message yourself.

5. Ship. Pop your giftee’s address in or tick the button to ship to multiple addresses and slot in all your giftee’s addresses - one for you and one for each of your fav pals. You can pop in a personalised message for each giftee at this stage!

6. All done? Hit ‘checkout’, pop in your payment details and sit back and relax as we get your unique gift boxes all ready for you.

If you have a unique gift in mind for that special someone, we’ve got you covered! Don’t settle for a pre-curated gift box that doesn’t tickle your pickle. Come have some fun with us and create your own gift box instead so you can hold onto your title of reigning gifting Queen.