The Ultimate Mens Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mens Gift Guide


Trying to figure out what to buy for a man, especially one that has everything, can be as stressful as waking up to realise you've run out of coffee, or being locked in a room with a ferocious flying spider. I know, terrifying!

But don’t you worry! You can wipe those tears away and toss the boring socks, jocks and Bunnings vouchers in the bin because I’m here to save the day with the ultimate gift guide for that special guy! (you’re welcome)

For the man who likes to look good

You may as well say goodbye to that man now, because after these gift suggestions, he won’t be able to stop looking at himself in the mirror. His skin will look so luminous, fresh and clear - even you’ll be dripping with jealousy!

First up is the Jaxon Lane Bro Mask - the only 3x award winning sheet mask that’s made specifically for men and dermatologist recommended. It’s a no-fuss, easy-peasy face hydrating treatment that will turn his stressed skin, redness, fine lines and dull skin into the face of a Greek God.

No more complaining about slathering thick gel onto his face that gets stuck in his stubble or using up all your face masks - the Bro Mask contains 2 hydrogel sheets so he can avoid his beard and slap it right on his face. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The second gift will get every human drooling over how good he smells, and that’s the NAOH Black Coconut Body Bar. The NAOH body bar is especially great for the working man who comes home covered in grit, dirt and grime.

This body bar, made for the rugged man, contains activated charcoal and bentonite volcanic ash clay to reach deeply into his pores and remove all the toxins and impurities so his skin can be uber clean and glow (without adding any shine!). So even when he comes home all dirty and stanky, he’ll leave the shower with the healthiest skin on earth and smelling deliciously of clove and citrus.

For the man with exquisite taste(buds)

Buying a gift for a man who raves about good quality coffee? Then this gift will knock his socks off. (Don’t fret, he has plenty of replacement socks from all his previous gifts)

Let me introduce to you the utterly delectable Nero Coffee Beans by the Byron Bay Coffee Co. He’ll be raving about your exquisite coffee tastes because once you go Nero with the delicious hints of rich chocolate and berries, you don’t go back!

Not a coffee drinker? No problemmo, we’ve got your back! His mouth will be drooling with the Cuvee Dark Hot Chocolate - rich, creamy and so chocolatey with just a hint of sea salt for extra indulgence!

If you want him singing your gift-giving praises even louder, then 100% team it with a FRESSKO reusable coffee cup. These cups aren’t just sleek, stylish and manly, they’re also scratch-resistant, spill-proof, easy to clean, have a screw-in lockable lid for all those clumsy hands, fit in barista machines and the best part? They fit in standard cup holders! He’ll be ecstatic and be using his new FRESSKO keep cup as his new daily brew staple.

Lastly, for the man who is (or likes to think he is) a spirit connoisseur, sipping on his Whiskey, Cognac, Bourbon, Scotch or Rum, then The Whiskey Note gift box is the gift for him. He’ll be tickled pink with the:

  • Whisky stones - 9 solid granite stones that will keep his beverage of choice cold, minus the dilution
  • Vanilla Bourbon Candle - his home will smell manly yet delicious with hints of vanilla bean and musk (he’ll be addicted)
  • Reporter Notepad and Gold Pen - a pocket sized notepad that’s sleek, stylish and gives him no reason to forget the milk again!

For the man who you’re utterly clueless about

You know what they say, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his belly’ and we 100% agree! This gift hits the spot as a perfect present filler. It’s exclusive enough to make that box of Maltesers look like an amateur, but will set his taste buds a droolin’. This fabulous heavenly treat is the Crackle Popcorn collection. I dare you to choose between the mouth watering Burnt Honey Caramel Popcorn or the melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Caramel Popcorn. I know what you’re thinking, go ahead and grab both! For him and yourself.

Now if you’re sitting there thinking “I don’t know what the bleedy heck he likes!” then I hear you loud and clear.

Let me introduce to you the creme of the crop gift for that elusive man: the Refresh Gift Box.

It’s got a lil’ bit of this and a lil’ bit of that so he gets a taste of everything. It’s a total hit with the lads!

  • A Bro Mask and NAOH Black Coconut body bar for the most drool worthy glowing skin.
  • Two single serves of The Laughing Pug coffee drip bags and a FRESSKO reusable coffee cup that he can use on the daily get his essential daily brew, save the planet and look stylish as heck doing it.
  • A jar of mouth-watering Roasted Cashews to delight his taste buds and take the hangry’s away.

The era of standing there wide-eyed, panic buying last minute gifts and getting labeled as the socks-and-jocks gift giver is now behind you!

Grab the perfect gift for that special guy (or not so special guy if it’s just Bob from accounting) and bask in the glow of being the ultimate gift-giver.

Or if you can’t decide and you want a lil’ bit of this and a lil’ bit of that, use our Gift Curator to create your very own gift box. It’ll pack a WOW factor punch and leave him with a gift he’ll remember for years.



B x

(chief gifter and man-gift whisperer)