5 Ideas For The Best Galentines Date Night (or Day!)

5 Ideas For The Best Galentines Date Night (or Day!)

Galentines day has got to be one of our favourite holidays. The chance to shower your fav gals with so much love and celebrate them for being the total Queens they are? Count me in!

If you’ve got your fav gal pal’s sorted, but you’re coming up empty with what to do this Galentines day, then hold on tight because you’re about to get 5 ideas for the best Galentines date night yet.

Luxurious At-Home Pamper Sesh

It may be an obvious suggestion, but it’s always a surefire winner. Because when was the last time you or your fav gals got the pampering you seriously deserve? After the hecticness that is the festive time, the countless social events in heels and a faceful of makeup, a super nourishing pamper sesh will have you all breathing out a collective sigh of relief.

Grab the gals together, pop a bottle of sparkly, slap on the face masks, soak your feet in luxurious baths soaks, and get ready to feel like a new woman.

If your fav gal pal doesn’t live nearby, then we have you sorted to create the ultimate luxury pamper escape together…from your own homes. Send them The Home Spa Day gift box, coordinate a pamper sesh time, and get pumped to soak in your own bathtubs while you have a deep and meaningful on the phone and sip on a zesty gin.

DIY Vision Board

If you’re like me and February arrives before you’ve even had a chance to think about the year ahead, then you and your gals will love this idea for a Galentines date. A DIY vision board workshop is guaranteed to fill up every gals cup and leave them feeling so warm and fuzzy. Who doesn’t get excited and lit up thinking about their dreams for the year ahead?

Pop some prosecco, clear out a table or a big floor space, and every gal can get crafty making their physical or digital vision board filled with all their dreams and desires for 2023. We love adding the Insite Mind Oh Happy Day cards to our vision board to remind us of our most inspiring heartfelt affirmations all year long.

New Mum Self-Love

If you’ve got gal pals who are new mums, then why not spoil them with a date that’s right up their alley? They’ve likely been housebound, sleep deprived and missing some adult conversation, so create a date that’s simple, fits in with bubs sleep schedule and makes them feel like their adult selves again.

You could go for a gal’s picnic and bring your A+ charcuterie board, help entertain the little one and let your new-mum gal pal relax. Or offer to go for a stroll at a beautiful park or along the coast, so while the little one sleeps in the pram she can get some movement in, relax in nature and have a deep and meaningful conversation that makes her feel human again.

Or if she’d just love a moment to herself, offer to stop by with some tasty food, watch the bub while she washes her hair and gift her The New Mum Gift Box which will allow her to sit back and enjoy a calming cup of tea while she notes the special moments of bubs life while the little one sleeps. She’ll appreciate you forever!

Creative Cocktail Competition

If you and the gals love a tasty cocktail or two, then this dates a hoot. Get your gals together this Galentines and have a creative cocktail competition. Each gal concocts their very own cocktail and you each score the cocktails taste, appearance and strength. At the end of the night you’ll discover who the Queen Cocktail maker is. It’s a tonne of fun, you get to drink a bunch of tasty cocktails and have a night filled with cackles and joy.

P.S. If you want to guarantee yourself as the Queen Cocktail maker, then you must add the cocktail garnishes and delights by Fizz Sherbet. They’re a cocktail hit every time!

DIY Bottomless Brunch

For the gal’s who are brunch fanatics and love to cook, hosting your own DIY bottomless brunch is a tonne of fun. All you need to grab is your fav bottle of alcoholic or non-alcoholic sparkling, tasty OJ and get the gals together to get creative in the kitchen making the tastiest Whisk and Pin blueberry pancakes. You can eat and drink to your heart's content, all from the comfort of your own home.

For that gal who lives far away, we’ve created The Sunrise gift box so you can still shower them in your love and enjoy a video chat brunch date together, no matter the distance between you.


This Galentine’s day you can wow your fav gals with a date they won’t forget, no matter what they love, where they’re at in their life or where they live.

P.S. Want to get your fav gal pal a little somethin’ somethin’ to show how much you adore them, but can’t find the perfect present that has it all? Then we’ve got your back, girl! Our Create Your Own very special gift box is the present you’ve been looking for. Come have a play and put together all your gals fav items to create a gift she’ll love.



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