Support Local Businesses: How One Gift Can Make a Big Impact

Support Local Businesses: How One Gift Can Make a Big Impact

We know that finding the perfect gift that also supports local businesses and has a big impact can be a daunting task, but we have a secret ingredient that makes it super easy – a gift box that supports not one, not two, but a bunch of small businesses all at once! 

Imagine giving a gift that not only puts a smile on your loved one's face but also helps a small business owner pay their bills, support their family, and pursue their passions. Ooof, that feels good!

With just one of our amazing gift boxes, you’ll be making a big impact on not just your super happy giftee, but also the lives of multiple small business owners (us included!). (We promise, they’ll be breaking into their jiggy dance of joy at another sale that’s helping them achieve their dream).

We’ve created our gift boxes to be a treasure trove of carefully curated items which showcase the best products from local Australian small businesses. No generic items from your local K-mart here!

Each item in your gift is backed with a passionate and heartfelt story of the small business behind it, which guarantees that your gift will always be unique, high-quality and filled with the most authentic good vibes.

Want to see how?

The Birthday Gift Box Supports Six Small Businesses

With just one box, you’re supporting six small businesses (who are also on a mission to support the world, mother nature and the humans in it):

#1. Hazelnut Praline Chocolate, by Loco Love

A company dedicated to bringing together the finest organic, fair trade, plant-based and whole food ingredients to make a chocolate that is utterly delectable and comes with high-vibe health benefits.

#2. Celebrate Hand Cream, by Urban Rituelle

Urban Rituelle is a brand driven by a genuine passion for creating products that they wholeheartedly love and believe in. They are committed to crafting experiences that enhance and create rituals that uplift and make people feel good.

#3. Uplifting Bath Bomb, by Like No Udder Soaps

Like No Udder Soaps is a masterpiece of a business, combining organic ingredients with a desire to heal families suffering from irritated and sensitive skin issues.

#4. Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic, by Naked Life

Naked Life is a brand committed to promoting a healthier Australia by crafting beverages that allow everyone to enjoy those special moments without having to compromise on taste or health. 

#5. Cupcake Jigsaw, by Little Puzzle Thing

Areaware's Little Puzzle Thing is a company that collaborates with a diverse range of designers, from emerging talents to established names, to craft items that inspire good vibes and infuse your living space with a playful touch of delight and charm. 

#6. Strawberry and Champagne, by Glow and Gifts

And us, Glow and Gifts. We’re obsessed with curating gifts that make a difference and pack a punch so you can share your love near and far.

So, whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion or just want to brighten someone's day, our gift boxes are the perfect way to do it. You can feel good knowing that every purchase helps make a positive impact on the world and supports a bunch of small businesses so they can be one step closer to making their dreams a reality.