Gift Guide for the Homebodies this Winter

Gift Guide for the Homebodies this Winter

Welcome, fellow homebodies, to the ultimate gift guide for winter! As temperatures drop and we cosy up in our daggiest but ultra comfy track pants, it's the perfect time to show some love to your fellow homebody enthusiasts. If you’re not sure what to get them, then we've got you covered with the best gifts that'll make any homebody's heart skip a beat - and not just from the excitement of staying in.

Winter Gift Guide

The Self-Care Lovers

Know a winter homebody who loves self care but usually relies on the warm summer sun to recharge their body and soul? Then they’re in for a treat, because The Self-Care gift box is a total game-changer to bring some self love and nourishment into their winter routine.

I mean, could this sound any more heavenly: They’re snuggled up in a cosy blanket, sipping on a refreshing can of SOMME Rose Rose, while jotting down their deepest thoughts and dreams in a gorgeous pink totem notebook with a fancy rose gold pen. And when they're ready to unwind even further, they’ll simply drop a relaxing bath bomb in the tub, soak in the warmth and lather up with some nourishing NAOH rose soap to leave their skin feeling silky smooth in the dry winter air.

Self-care, winter edition.

The Brunch Fanatics

For all those brunch lovers who aren’t a fan of the cold, but don’t want to ruin their Sunday morning ritual, we have just the thing. The Sunrise or The Breakfast - the ultimate gifts for a homebody who wants to brunch like a boss. These magical boxes are jam-packed with everything they need to create a picture-perfect slow morning at home. They’ll get their barista quality caffeine fix with delicious Byron Bay tea or coffee, and be able to sweeten things up with some drool-worthy Australian honey. And don't even get us started on the star of the show - a mouth-watering blueberry and buttermilk pancake mix that is guaranteed to give them a cafe-worthy breakfast experience all from within their own home.

Or if they’re a raving cocoa or caffeine fanatic, we’ve got them sorted. The Caffeine will give them all the addictive caffeinated vibes with mouthwatering coffee chocolate, vanilla latte candle, a coffee cup puzzle and a gorgeous handmade mug with heavenly coffee to warm their soul. Or if hot cocoa calls to their soul, The Cocoa has the most indulgent and delicious hot chocolate you’ll ever find, a swanky keep cup to keep it warm all day, and a luxurious gold foil notebook and pen to jot all their dreams away.

The Reflectors and Goal Setters

If you know a homebody who uses the winter time to slow down, snuggle up at home and reflect on the rest of the year ahead, then The Focus or The Whiskey Note is perfect for them. These boxes are chock-full of everything a homebody needs to get into the perfect cosy and pondering zone, whether they’d prefer a scrumptious gourmet snack or a tasty drink that never goes warm. Not to mention, these boxes also come with a heavenly scented candle and either goal setting cards or a journal for jotting down all their thoughts, goals and aspirations.

The Homebody Couple / Family

Need the perfect gift for a homebody couple who prefer to snuggle up indoors instead of braving the cold and rain? Then look no further than The Date Night or The Couple gift boxes. These boxes are packed with everything a couple needs for a cosy night in. From scrumptious gourmet popcorn and chocolate snacks to luxurious smelling candles, champagne, and a card game with thought-provoking prompts that will take their date nights to the next level. Trust us, The Date Night or The Couple gift boxes are a surefire way to brighten up any homebody couple's winter season. 

Or if they have little ones in tow, The Kids gift box is sure to bring the pizzazz into their next family date night in. Loaded with a cute ice cream puzzle, kids affirmation cards, delicious popcorn and fizz-tastic bubblegum sherbet, they’ll be having so much fun the kids will be begging to do it again ASAP.

The DIY Gift Box

If you know a homebody who loves a little bit of everything, we've got the perfect solution for you. Say hello to the DIY gift box - the ultimate way to customise a gift that'll have your giftee feeling all warm and fuzzy inside this winter.

Whether they're a coffee connoisseur, a notebook enthusiast, a puzzle master, or a cocktail lover, you can mix and match all their favourite things to create a gift that's as unique as they are. Think fizzy cocktail sherbet, gourmet popcorn and chocolate, and anything else that'll make their heart skip a beat.

And there you have it: The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Winter Homebodies out there. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a loved one, these gifts are guaranteed to make staying in during the cold and rainy months a whole lot more enjoyable. From self-care boxes to brunch essentials and everything in between, there's something to delight every homebody this winter.