Ultimate Men's Gift Guide For Father's Day

Ultimate Men's Gift Guide For Father's Day

Trying to crack the code of what to get for your dad on Father's Day can be as puzzling as solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded or deciphering hieroglyphics with a blindfold on (or even without a blindfold). I know, mind-boggling!

But fret not, my friend! You can bid farewell to those tears of confusion and bid adieu to the predictable ties, socks, Bunning’s voucher and "World's Best Dad" mugs, because I've got your back with the Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide for Father’s Day this year. (You can thank me later, seriously!)

For the Father with top-notch taste(buds)

Does your dad love something delicious, whether it’s something sweet, salty, tasty or a smooth lip smacking drink? Then we have the suggestions for you!

#1. Coffee addict - if he’s all about his coffee, all day every day, then this is the one for him. The Caffeine is coffee paradise in one box! He’ll enjoy his The Laughing Pug coffee into his golden coffee mug, while munching on his Loco Love Cosmic Coffee Creme chocolate and dabbling at his Areaware coffee puzzle, all while the room fills with the scent of vanilla latte candle.

#2. Brunch fanatic - a lazy Sunday munching on pancakes drizzled in Australian honey, while sipping on a warm delicious Nero coffee or English breakfast tea? Then you can’t go past The Sunrise.

#3. Spirit connoisseur - if your dad enjoys sipping on his Whiskey, Cognac, Bourbon, Scotch or Rum, then The Whiskey Note gift box is the gift for him. Loaded with 9 solid granite whisky stones to keep his beverage cold and never dilute it, a vanilla bourbon candle to create a scent he’ll salivate over, and a reporter notepad and gold pen to jot down all his thoughts (or shopping list).

For the Father who takes care of himself

You might as well prepare for your dad to become the ultimate mirror magnet, because with these gift suggestions, he won't be able to tear his eyes away. His skin will be so radiant, fresh, and clear that even you'll be green with envy.

#1. Jaxon Lane Bro Mask - the only 3x award winning sheet mask that’s made specifically for men and dermatologist recommended. It’s a no-fuss, easy-peasy, face hydrating sheet that can easily avoid his beard and will turn his stressed skin, redness, fine lines and dull skin into the face of a Greek God.

#2. NAOH Black Coconut Body Bar - this ones for the rugged man. This body bar contains activated charcoal and bentonite volcanic ash clay that delve deep into his pores, extracting toxins and impurities, leaving his skin impeccably clean and glowing (without any unwanted shine!). So, even when he comes home all dirty and stinky, he'll emerge from the shower with the healthiest, most delectable-smelling skin on the planet, radiating hints of clove and citrus.

For the Father you’re utterly clueless about

If you’re thinking “I don’t know what he likes!” then I hear you loud and clear. I’ve got two options to cover all sorts of Dads:

#1. The Refresh - it’s the creme of the crop for that elusive man. It’s got a little bit of this and that so he gets a taste of everything: a Bro Mask and NAOH Black Coconut body bar for the most drool worthy glowing skin, two single-serves of The Laughing Pug coffee and a FRESSKO reusable coffee cup to keep his essential daily brew warm (while doing his bit for the planet), and a jar of mouth-watering roasted cashews to keep the hangry’s away.

#2. The Salted Caramel - this ones for the Dads who have a sweet tooth and are uber goal-focused. With a bag of delectable Crackle salted caramel popcorn, delish Loco Love salted caramel chocolate, goal setting cards from Insite Mind and a gold pen, True Gum chewing gum, and a micro robot fidget toy for all those mind blanks…well he’ll be sorted to hide away in his man cave all day.

For the Father who wants a bit of everything

If you can’t decide and you want a lil’ bit of this and a lil’ bit of that, use our Gift Curator to create your very own gift box. It’ll pack a WOW factor punch and leave him with a gift he’ll remember for years.

Need some ideas to get you started?

  • Add some delicious Crackle Popcorn which will make the standard box of Maltesers look like an amateur. (The hardest part is choosing which flavour)
  • A bag of utterly delectable Nero Coffee Beans by the Byron Bay Coffee Co or if he isn’t a coffee drinker, then we’ve got your back with some creamy, chocolatey Cuvee Dark Hot Chocolate
  • A manly, scratch-resistant, easy to clean FRESSKO reusable coffee cup to keep his beverage of choice warm for hours (and keep his clothes clean due to it’s spill-proof screw-in lockable lid for those clumsy hands)


    Gone are the days of standing frozen, eyes wide, desperately grabbing last-minute gifts and earning the infamous title of the "socks-and-jocks" gift giver! This year, our Ultimate Gift Guide for Father’s Day will have you ready to blow your dad's socks off with a gift that will leave him speechless. (And don't worry, he's got enough replacement socks from all the previous years!)

    B x
    (chief gifter and sock, jock & mug h8er)