Corporate Gifting With a Twist: Feel-Good Care Packages for Frontline Workers

Corporate Gifting With a Twist: Feel-Good Care Packages for Frontline Workers

Corporate gifting, with the most heartwarming twist.

Normally we’re all about celebrating your amazing employees, clients and customers when you give Corporate Gifts. But GoodWe came to us with a special request which made their clients, the community and our hearts melt.

GoodWe Australia - an epic company that provides smart solar energy options - approached our team with an extraordinary request back in 2021. They had reached a remarkable milestone in their business, and instead of throwing a lavish party for themselves, they wanted to give back to the real heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic: the incredible frontline workers who had been there for us tirelessly over the previous 18 months. GoodWe Australia reached out to their clients, asking them to nominate a frontline worker to receive a special feel-good care package as a token of appreciation.

Enter Glow and Gifts: the feel-good care package creator extraordinaires.

Together, we embarked on the most heartwarming mission to curate the perfect gift boxes, carefully tailored to put smiles on the faces of these remarkable individuals. We knew these gift boxes needed to tickle them pink with love and gratitude, so we dove in to find the perfect items which they could use, fill them with joy and enjoy every day.

Something Useable

Frontline workers have a demanding schedule, from early mornings to night shifts, overtime, and being on call. So, we knew a hot beverage to kick start their day (or night) and keep them going was essential. That's why we decided to include a classic Keep Cup in each gift box. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they can also be used time and time again, reminding these heroes that their hard work is always valued.

Something Filled With Joy

With all the uncertainty and pressure they were under, we wanted to uplift their spirits and bring a ray of sunshine into their lives. Enter Insite Mind's Oh Happy Day Affirmation Cards. These little gems are perfect for shifting thinking towards a positive light and inspiring them each day. Whether they're placed by their bedside as a morning boost or kept on their office desk as a thought-provoker during tough times, these cards are guaranteed to bring a shimmer of joy.

Something To Enjoy

Of course, we wanted to provide something for them to enjoy and unwind after their exhausting shifts. And what better way to relax than with the soft glow and delightful aroma of a scented candle? We selected the enchanting White Rose & Bergamot scented candle, with its subtle scent of delicate flowers and citrus. Picture our heroes, kicking back in their living rooms, engrossed in their favourite evening reality TV shows, surrounded by this soothing fragrance.

Corporate care packages

With the perfect trio of products in mind, we began bringing these gift boxes to life, ready to be shipped across Australia. Each box was curated with utmost care and attention, making sure it radiated love and appreciation and included a heartfelt handwritten personalised card for each giftee.

We can't express how rewarding it was to be part of this feel-good project. It's heartwarming to see a company like GoodWe Australia take the time to celebrate their achievements by giving back to those who have dedicated themselves to keeping us safe. The impact of these care packages reaches far beyond their contents - they carry the gratitude and support of an entire country.