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Our why? is the reason we’re here today & the reason we’ll still be here kickin’ ass tomorrow.

You know when you just can’t find the right words? the right gift? the right ANYTHING? Yeah, that’s this story. Sit tight, it’s a tear jerker.

In 2016, my ride or die decided to take the plunge and travel the world (she also had the audacity to do it without me…). I felt all the feels and went through all the motions.

“Have the best time”
“This b*tch”
“I’ll miss you endlessly”
“Why didn’t she invite me?”
“Enjoy your adventure”

And so forth… The fact I’d done the same thing years before is totally irrelevant. I knew I had to suck it up and send her on her way with the most perfect going away present. Do you think I could find anything? Heck to the no.

The solution? I DIY’ed it.

A combination of goodies tailored flawlessly to her and her trip. But that wasn’t enough. She needed to know why I’d chosen what I’d chosen. So I sticky noted the heck out of everything, bundled it up and gave it to her at the airport. Why? Because I was annoyed she was leaving and thought it would be super awks to pack in her luggage. Check. Mate.

We’ve come a long way since then, but here’s a peek inside Glow & Gifts’ first gift box

The Sarah Gift Box

Personalised water bottle
So she knew it was hers & encouraged her to stay hydrated (to be fair, it was probably filled with cocktails for the most part).

A pair of cat socks
Because she loved cats & also to keep her feet warm on the plane.

Because pale girl problems in the European sun is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Other treaties that shan't be named
Because probably inappropriate.

Hand written card
To tell her how annoyed I was, but also how excited I was for her.

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We’re big supporters of local businesses & creating memorable experiences

Glow & Gifts launched onto the scene in 2017, with an aim of disrupting the world of gift boxes Australia wide.

We’re all about supporting local businesses and choosing Australian made products where possible, although some well-known international brands tend to pop up from time to time.

Adding a personal touch is an important addition to our high quality gifts and service, whether you’re the giver or receiver. We offer expertly pre-made gift boxes for fuss free gifting, or a design your own option for when you need a little extra OMG *heart eyes* WOW factor.

Our Brands

We’re also big supporters of cold brews on cold days and tacos on any days (but espesh Tuesdays)

And when it’s not cold brew, it’s probably a green tea (or a cheeky rosé).

Hey, I’m Bianca. Obsessed with curating gifts that make a difference and pack a punch.

For the personal gifters, gifts that tell a story and are meaningful for both you and your recipient. Gifts that recall memories, or create new ones, and gifts that bring a smile to even the unhappiest of dials.

For the corporate gifters, gifts that aren't the dreaded branded merch, gifts that are tactful and not a bribe in disguise. An extension of your marketing team (the cool kind), I make the process easier than a Sunday morning, minus the cookie cutter.

I’m there for you, so you can be there for them… in the happy times, the hard times and the just because times.

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