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The Kids

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Rather than have (more!) kids toys piling up, this gift for 'The Kids' ticks all the boxes for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or even surprise treats throughout the year!

Gift Includes:

Pastel Confetti Popper, by Little Confetti Co
The kids will have so much fun popping this confetti popper to release a playful sprinkle of colour! (One use only, sorry mum & dad for the clean up!)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, by Sweet Health Cookie Mix
Enjoy time together with the kids in the kitchen baking these delicious choc-chip cookies. This adorable jar will make 6 cookies - the kids might even share!
Oh Happy Kids Quote Cards, by Insite Mind
These quote cards are perfect to brighten any child's day. Switch them up daily, place them around the house, or sneak one into their school bag. Play 'go-fish' or 'snap' with the family - they're great to get everyone involved.


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