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Corporate Christmas Gifts: Why you need to get in early!

It's August and we're already talking about corporate Christmas gifts. But with so much uncertainty in Australia at the moment (particularly in Sydney and Melbourne) due to COVID-19, it's oh so necessary to get organised ASAP and be ahead of the end-of-year holiday rush. What may seem to early for some, is perfect timing for others - being ahead of the crowd in the end-of-year corporate gifting department has a lot of benefits, and we're going to share 3 of  them with you below.


First and foremost, the sooner you get your corporate Christmas gifts organised, the sooner you'll have one less thing to worry about as the year end nears. You'll be able rest easy knowing your employee and client gifts are being taken care of - while you move on to the next task on your list. Having your end-of-year and Christmas gifts outsourced to the pros will ensure your team and clients receive a top-notch gift to close out the year, rather than a last minute DIY gift you put together because you ran out of time. 


That's right, we said it. COVID is causing havoc in Sydney right now - for transparency, there are already delays in our team receiving stock and packaging orders and also delays in gifts being received by their recipients - across Sydney, regional NSW and interstate due to shipping delays with couriers. By having your end-of-year and Christmas gifts organised early, it allows you to choose from a larger range of designs and allows a grace period for your gifts to arrive to their recipients on time.


Although some work best under pressure, creativity flows best when you're not stressed and can think in a relaxed and open-minded state. Save the last minute "red and green" Christmas gifts for another time (or never!). You can absolutely achieve gorgeous Christmas and end-of-year gifts without the boring, typical and probably expected gifts - think bold, different and practical! Stay true to YOUR brand, go with a less 'traditional' theme (maybe it's a holiday staycation, or could it be your brands support of small businesses with local artisans from your town or city?) - don't be afraid to be different with your gifts this holiday season. 

custom christmas gift box


Whether you choose to outsource or DIY your gifts this festive season, we hope you take this August reminder to consider getting started on your end-of-year gifting for 2021 - your future self will thank you! If you'd like more info on gifting with the team here at Glow and Gifts, click here for our step by step process. Or to enquire, head over here to our corporate enquiry form
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