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Welcome Onboard #ProspectProject


We started 2019 by welcoming a new brand to the Glow family. The addition of two marvellous candle scents from Prospect Project, 'Espresso' and 'Poppin Bottles' smell absolutely divine!

Imagine brewing that first cup of coffee to start your day. The dark, roasted coffee beans going through the grinder to produce liquid magic. With a touch of chocolate and top notes of Buttercream and Almond the coffee scent will hit your nose and you'll think you're in heaven, until the Vanilla Bean and Sugar Cane finish it off and you've dealt yourself a morning delight without the jitters. And this friends, is what is named 'ESPRESSO' - we're talking about candles here, remember?!

Now we know you're probably reading this thinking 'yeah girls, that's great, but what about our fix for when it hits 5pm on a Friday?' WELL, fear not because we've got you covered!

Whether you're all about party-rocking on your Friday evenings or prefer to spend the night drowning yourself in Netflix and popcorn; this mix of Strawberries and Raspberries with touches of Champagne and Roses will set the vibe for your night no matter how you like to spend your weekends! And taaa-dahhh you have 'POPPIN BOTTLES' - and for this, we thank the Prospect Project team.

Now we found it pretty damn difficult to choose just two scents from the most extensive candle scent range we've ever read, but we're pretty happy with these two. We will most definitely be expanding the offering of Prospect Project at Glow and Gifts, so let us know what you'd like to see in our gift boxes!

With all this talk about Prospect Project, we should probably mention the lovely lady behind it all, Shannon. We found PP on the gram and loved what Shannon and her little biz were all about. We knew we wanted our businesses to work together, but having our biz only just launch and very much still in start up stage, we thought we'd put the feelers out there to see if she would be interested. We were SO happy to hear that she was indeed wanting to work with us also, that for the next several months (like 8!) we worked to build up until we could bring another brand onboard. Fast forward to January 2019 and here we are; with an amazing new supporter (and brand to match), and candles so delicious we want to eat them.


Happy end of January ;) and we hope you enjoy adding a little 'Espresso' or 'Poppin Bottles' to your boxes of Glow!

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