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The perfect working-from-home gifts

Whether it’s a custom gift filled with desktop essentials to make their working-from-home experience seem like a breeze, or if it’s a simple morale booster to brighten their week, we’ve got you covered to be there for your employees, co-workers, or clients during the tough times we’re all in. 

The core of what we do and the heart of our ‘why’ is for us to provide a way to ‘be there’ when you can’t physically be there. And while you and your teams are set to be working-from-home for an extended period of time, sending a gift is a beautiful gesture to let them know you care. To let them know that you’re there to help if they need, to have a chat and a laugh to help soften these hard times, to support them as they navigate how to simultaneously work from home and home-school their kids.

Whether the gift is filled with goodies to pamper and encourage your team to unwind after what feels like another long week working-from-home or practical desktop essentials to help create their perfect working-from-home ‘office’ space, or sending them delicious treats for them to snack on throughout the day, send them some love with a custom gift and remind them of another reason they love to work with you!

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