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Axel & Ash



We knew from the moment we saw these gals’ journals we needed them in our range, and with Christmas just around the corner, there was no better time to bring them on board.


The first of their journals to welcome is the WANDERLUST. As said by the gals themselves bound in an earthy latte-coloured cloth, this charming travel journal creates a chic vintage feel suitable for every traveller – from the stylish jet-setter to the novice explorer.”

You’ll find journal prompts, quirky questions, inspiring quotes and plenty of space to doodle as you please and savour all of your travel memories. 











Next up, the PAUSE journal. We’re all short on time with so many tasks on our to-do lists that we sometimes get lost in where we’re up to, but amongst all of our flat out schedules we can all manage 20 minutes, once a week. “It’s a place to explore ideas & desires, celebrate the highs, reflect on the lows; jot down your thoughts, feelings & experiences to keep forever.” With such a huge emphasis on self-care, journal is the perfect addition to any gift box, whether you’re sharing the love or treating yourself.



 Axel and Ash are everything that we love about a brand, and with travel being at the heart of both of our businesses “why’s” there’s no doubt we’re a perfect match. Add these gorgeous journals to your next gift box and share the love, near and far! 

Team Glow
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